Is Cycling Good For Your Career?

Is Cycling Good For Your Career? As someone who has been riding bikes for over 30 years and has had a successful career in corporate sales/sales management, I can answer YES with 100% confidence.

Here’s why…

  • Cycling can be expensive, providing motivation for you to make more money. 
  • Cyclists are healthier. You don’t fall sick as often as others. Research has shown cycling builds your immune system.  The healthier you are, the more time you have to work. 
  • You look better and are thinner because cycling helps you lose weight. Whether it’s fair or not, better-looking people get more opportunities in the business world. 
  • You become the person others aspire to be. Whether they say it or not, most couch surfers admire people who exercise. 
  • Being a cyclist separates you from the crowd. The business world is competitive, and it’s generally good to be known for achieving things outside of work.  
  • Cycling can be a great social sport.  A lot of business success comes from who you know. A general rule is that the more people that like and respect you, the more doors will be open to you in the business world. 
  • Cycling makes you a  more disciplined person. If you’re planning a ride and ride and a long day at work the next day, you’ll be sure to be in bed early the night before. 
  •  You’ll become more organized.  It takes a lot to pull off bike rides consistently where your bike doesn’t break down, or you don’t get lost, or a billion other things that could go wrong   All these skills transfer to success in business.
  • Cycling gives you the confidence to succeed. Conquering that mountain or tricky downhill successfully gives you the confidence to conquer the challenges that arise in your work life. 
  • Cycling improves brainpower:  Like no kidding, cycling improves blood flow and oxygenation to your brain.  Let’s go, Einstein.  
  • Cycling improves your mood.  When you’re getting that endorphin rush, you’re happy, and people like working with happy, positive people.  
  • Cycling reduces stress. Nobody likes to work with stressed-out people.    
  • Cyclists sleep better: More and more research shows that sleep is a key component of a long, happy, healthy life.   

How has cycling helped your career?  Please let us know by writing a comment below. John

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