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Cycling Motivation-How to Stay Motivated as a Masters Cyclist

Staying motivated as a masters cyclist can be a challenge. I find doing the same ride over and over boring, and when I get bored, I get unmotivated. This post is about how to stay motivated as a masters cyclist. To get fired up to ride.

I sign up for races, cycling events, and trips well in advance.

Signing up for cycling events well in advance gets me fired up to do the training rides I need to do to perform at my best. My favorite tool for this is TrainerRoad. The way it works is you enter the details of your event/events into your training calendar, and TrainerRoad uses machine learning, a part of Artificial Intelligence, along with my feedback to create the perfect plan individualized specifically for me.

Trainerroad calander

I celebrate small wins along the way to keep me motivated as a cyclist.

Training is a lot of work, and sometimes it hurts a lot. What I do is let out a victory scream when I complete a hard interval session. I also find it fun to celebrate when I hit a PR on Strava. I mean, that’s why we ride, right? To have fun! So don’t be afraid to celebrate those wins, no matter how small.

Find a cycling buddy or join a group ride or club to keep you motivated as a cyclist

One of the coolest things about cycling is you get to know people you would have probably never met. In fact, some of my best friends are my cycling friends. Not only is it great for your social life, it’s also great for your cycling as well. You’re going to want to be a part of the action and the conversation. For me, it’s about keeping up with the fast group and not getting dropped. I hate getting dropped.

If you’re having trouble finding people to ride with, why not start your own cycling club. It’s amazingly easy. Click here to read my post on how to start your own cycling club. It’s actually really easy.

I vary my routes and explore new areas to stay motivated as a cyclist.

I’m a creative person, so I’m not a fan of doing the same thing over and over. It’s just boring to me and makes my cycling feel like work.

Here’s a list of things I’ve learned that make my cycling more interesting.

  1. Do your usual route in reverse. It might feel like a totally different ride.
  2. Chase PR’s on Strava segments. This is one of my favorites.
  3. The three most popular types of bikes are road, mountain, and gravel. Get a bike and start doing rides appropriate for the type of bike you’re on. With three types of bikes, you dramatically increase the type of rides you can do.
  4. Sign up for a race/fondo or organized ride.
  5. Do a mountain bike ride on a gravel bike. Click here to read my post on how to add excitement to your next mountain bike ride
  6. Create an annual cycling plan to keep you motivated. Click here to read my post on how to create your own cycling plan.

I find new bikes, accessories, and clothing to be huge cycling motivators.

I find there is nothing more motivating than getting new stuff on your bike. The bike industry is constantly coming up with new and improved equipment and it doesn’t need to be a super expensive new bike. You might want to shop the amazing deals on used bikes on PinkBike. You would be amazed at how much of a difference a fresh set of tires makes. In addition to bikes and accessories, think about new kits and clothing accessories. For me, a cool new kit is as exciting as a new accessory on my bike.

Want to become a super-motivated masters cyclist? Get a custom kit for your cycling club. It’s actually pretty easy and surprisingly affordable and a great way to raise your cycling game and stay motivated. There are a number of companies that specialize in custom clothing. I work with Cuore and have had really good results. The club I belong to, The Insane Bike Posse does a new kit every year. Below is the 2023 version. I must say, looking good keeps me motivated as a cyclist.

2023 kit

I take rest days to avoid burnout and allow my body to recover.

Recovery is one of the most important parts of an effective training plan and something I really struggle with, as do a lot of cyclists. The bottom line is most cyclists are motivated, driven people, and rest and recovery don’t come naturally. Rest in cycling is something you actively plan in your schedule. Getting fast as a cyclist requires you to push your body beyond its limits, then rest to allow your body to acclimate to your training input.

Recovery is even more important as we age due to the fact that our body doesn’t recover as fast as it did when we were younger. Click here to read an interesting article about the importance of rest and recovery in your training regimen.

Another thing to consider in the rest and recovery equation is your mental recovery. Hard, consistent training is mentally taxing especially in high-intensity intervals. Your mind needs rest, just like your body.

One thing that works for many cyclists is to take two weeks entirely off your bike every year. This hard reset really seems to help people avoid burnout and get them motivated for the rides ahead.

Remind yourself of the benefits of cycling, such as improved health and reduced stress.

Below is my list of what motivates me to keep riding my bike and racing as much as I can.

I look better, I lose weight, I drink less alcohol, I don’t have to go to the gym, I have more brainpower, I have more self-esteem, I’ll probably live a lot longer, I don’t age as fast, I am less stressed, I’m in a better mood, It’s good for my sex life, cycling keeps my immune system strong, I see more of the world, I sleep better.

For more, read my blog post about How Cycling Makes your Life Better

The bottom line is everyone is different, and if you ride bikes regularly, you’ll be able to create your own list of motivators.

Please leave a comment and share your secrets on how to stay motivated as a masters cyclist.


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