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How to Buy Your First Bike 

I’ve bought and sold a lot of bikes over the years. Here are some thoughts on how to buy your first bike.

My advice is to buy a used bike made by one of the major brands to get a feel for the sport then upgrade accordingly. I think this is a better option than buying an inexpensive off-brand bike that may have mechanical issues in the future. 

There are a lot of different types of bikes.  Here is a breakdown of the most popular types.  

Road Bikes: Made for riding on paved surfaces.  

Canyon Road

Mountain Bikes:  Built for trails and dirt roads.

Mountain Bike

Gravel Bikes: Built to ride both on and off-road.   

Gravel Bike

Electric Bikes: A super fun option that will help a beginner keep up with more experienced riders. 

E Bike

How to Buy a Used Bike

First, go to your local bike shop and get measured to figure out what size bike you need.  You can also get advice on what type of bike is best for you. The type of bike that’s best for you will vary based on where you live, where you are going to ride, your fitness level, and how much money you want to spend. Your bike shop will be happy to show you used bikes they have available for sale that may fit your needs. 

If you can’t find the right bike at your local bike shop, not to worry, you’ve got options.  

  1. Hit up your friends and family. Maybe one of your friends or family is one of the people that bought the $12,000 bike and put it in their garage! You never know until you ask.
  1. Pinkbike is a fantastic place to find a great used bike that’s the right type, size, and price.  I have used PinkBike for years and have had nothing but great experiences both buying and selling bikes. 

The great thing about the used bike strategy is that you can sell your first bike and move to something else or upgrade as you progress in the sport. I bought my first mountain bike from a bike shop in Los Angeles for $200. It was a Univega, heavy, and didn’t have any shocks, and I loved it. 


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